Before you read my message below, written in January 2009, I just want to say that I recently sold my car and motorcycle and didn't buy new ones. Instead, I've taken a green step forward and so far am happy with it.
Greetings, all. No doubt I’m shooting myself in the foot with this message, as usual.

For me, music is synonymous with peace and also with a sweet emotional therapy to escape the misfortunes of this base, greedy, materialistic world that is way too concerned with personal interest and where men of illusory power who rule us are so preoccupied with personal recognition they are incapable of dealing with and managing the social poverty of the innocent, humble, overly-kind people, who are mostly starving.

Moreover, we live in industrialised countries, in a modern jungle where cold technology increasingly controls us (one of the highest suicide rates is that of Japan, a world leader in new technology), conditions us and turns some of us into slaves to our machines, which is the main reason why I have decided to make an intimate and minimalist record with just vocals and acoustic guitar, and no machines. I am swimming against the tide and after a number of setbacks I am determined to finally transmit my emotions for the pure listening pleasure of at least one person on this earth in its current pitiful state.

In absolute terms, our ears should be the only judge of music, but unfortunately for purists, or fortunately for a certain sector of showbiz, music has a visual sense as well. I do not have much feeling for that visual sense but I understand that it is the professional driving force of people who are materially dependent on image.

Through my solo music I would like to also get across a long-term ecological message of the cleanest sustainability possible, even though I know that we poor human parasites conditioned under the aegis of material and social success are sucking our mighty mother earth dry of the natural resources necessary to maintain her balance. I would like your kids and mine to be able to live full and decent lives for as long as possible without too much of a retroactive cure.

The connection between ecology and my acoustic music lies in the fact that it is classy, in symbolic allusion to the electrical consumption of our household appliances, since to be played and performed it requires a lot less grey energy than the Pharaonic productions by artists who pride themselves for example on a clean label for sustainable development, whilst at the same time supporting and consuming megawatts of electricity in the form of light shows during stage performances that are obliged to be over-lit to make the show even more spectacular. To me all that is smoke and mirrors, and at its objective antithesis, this overconsumption is increasingly consuming us in every sense.

You could also say I make biomusic out of pieces of wood stuck together, with a few strings added for the guitar and my two vocal cords for the message.

It is easily fallible, this eco-ideal of mine; it is incomplete, as I still have a double-bladed razor accompanied by shaving foam packed with chemicals which I use once a week on average (but who gives a damn!), and a car that pollutes. I also eat sweets that are just as full of chemicals and which I give to my son (but who gives a damn, my dear Yen!) much to his delight. I buy him Star Wars Legos too, in plastic packaging sterilized and coloured using solvents, but I just can’t resist the urge to make him happy, and to cap it all, I work for a company indirectly affiliated with oil. I told you I was going to shoot myself in the foot because I am really small but pretty frank on the whole and I take pleasure in some aspects of my current way of life. But in my dreams I would like to escape from it through my music. I will see what awaits me after my record.

Artists, public personalities par excellence, have considerable influence on people’s behaviour and thinking, in the same way political personalities do, hence the fashion phenomena to which they give rise. And this is also the reason why, for example, the most frustrated individuals among humanity, led by the little Hitlers, have been forced to exterminate artists so as to further satisfy their illusory power through an authority that is facile, artistically devoid of inner richness and increasingly ill-intentioned. Politics in itself is not a complete art or only a means of pushing through ones convictions or sometimes ones interests. Politicians pure and true are people like the ground-breaking French priest, Abbé Pierre, people who devote their lives to others while remaining poor and humble of their own volition and through altruism, which is unfortunately not the case with most politicians, who mostly defend one section of people, in this case their electorate. This politics is partial, hence the phenomenon of parties, but then that is to be expected, as you can’t please everyone with a line of conduct to be followed and the least bad political system so far has been democracy.

I am not a believer in a spiritual God and will never become one either, even if I had the chance to sit down and have a drink with Him, listen to what He has to say and follow His actions, because my thinking is free and timeless. My Gods are the energies that surround me, the Earth, the Sun, water, flowers, etc., and humans on account of their potential for inner beauty, which unfortunately is not always exploited in the direction of respect for humans and the environment, and I couldn’t care less about where we came from or where all this will end because I am just so minute in the midst of all these creations and time, and I conduct myself as best I can so as to respect all these energies that surround me.

Two real and significant powers that fulfil us and fulfil others are love, on an emotional level, and knowledge, on a practical level. These powers for most people dwindle over time, as a simple consequence of the psychotechnical matrix controlled by mad scientists, who are fairly lacking emotionally by dint of having to deal with emotionless machines and who consequently project their cold sub-material creation onto us. Through our consumption of these technical devices we give them our backing and become their willing “victims”.

As just one symbolic example, let’s take GPS, which is a dream come true for some people because they think they can find their way on their own and no longer need to ask anyone for directions using charm and surprise. And there we have a direct bridge of communication broken and controlled by a satellite produced precisely by the mad scientists who, in their defence, believe they are doing good. There is no choice but to admit this gadget is practical in the aforementioned scientists’ definition of knowledge.

Following on from the argument of the preceding paragraph, the evolution of our capacities for communication can also help get us out of dangerous situations, as in the simple example of the actor Michel Blanc without a mobile phone (in the film Les bronzés font du ski), trying to keep warm on his chairlift by singing: “Quand te reverrai je pays merveilleux la la la la” [when will I see you again, wonderful country la la la la]. This facility for communication that is all around us also enables us to be informed or inform others of various necessities that I hope are well intentioned.

Virtual supermarkets of encounters and love packed full of men and women with a digital screen as the main interface are the logical consequence of our difficulty in communicating our emotions directly to those closest to us. The more we add technical interfaces as a means of communication between people, the more our relationships will be distant and superficial and lacking in depth. On average half of all couples break up and there is a causal relationship with the abundance of our means of communication.

Men who are rich in money and material goods, and whom I term crows in search of “prey” to consume their products, control us and they know it and they sometimes buy themselves an easy conscience by donating a few billion to humanitarian works. But that is not how we will be able to fix the problems related above all to our personal interests, that stem from a selfishness which has been peculiar to man since the dawn of time and which is not about to end, for history repeats itself in the image of all the earthly conflicts that mark the societies of this world. With just an ounce of love these conflicts could be avoided, which is proof of the lack of power on the part of decision-making figures.

Illusory power, be it political, material or spiritual, has taken over planet Earth using self-interested pretexts once more and has demarcated it with borders in order to establish states here. What’s the use in looking at the problems this causes?

In absolute terms, the Earth cannot belong to anyone because it is much more powerful than human beings and this is why any material power is in fact just an illusion, and I do not adhere to this lust that I find unhealthy with regard to people who have nothing.

The more very rich people there are, the more poor people there will be, for it is simply the law of material balance.

Well, that’s enough hand-wringing from me and I’m not going to throw the first stone at anyone because I love you, dear stranger, whether you are rich, poor, creamy white, ebony-skinned, oriental, or from nowhere in particular or whatever denomination you are, and I know there is some good in you.

To come to the point of this message, which is supposed to be to present myself in a musical context, I invite you to listen if you so desire to my intimate, minimalist songs, whose lyrics spell out this message a little more poetically.

See ya!